Highlights from the June and July Session Meetings


Adult hands on a bible.

Prayers of joy for the good health reports on Dick Henthorne and Kyle Weinstock.  Prayers of sympathy for the family of Terry Wood at the passing of his sister.

CLERK’S REPORT: Received membership information: 6/20/16 & 7/18/16 = 217.  Session approved request of Randy and Zach Crothers to be moved to Active membership.

With her concurrence, Session approved extending Covenant with Rev. Cindy Carlisle on a month-to-month basis.

Correspondence was received: a thank you from the Catholic Diocese for a $1,000 donation to Christina House; letter and form from Presbytery regarding minutes review; and information from Presbyterian Historical Society on procedure for archiving minutes.

PASTOR’S REPORT: Received May and June Pastor’s Reports.  Heard that Cindy participated in memorial service for Josephine Welce (6/11) and officiated at graveside service for Jean Wright Steadman (6/25).


Administration Team: Approved: filing May and June 2016 Treasurer’s Reports for audit; recommended Administration Team Description; recommended Crosser and Gerrard Scholarships for Hannah Hiscox, Zachary Young and Lucas Tolson; approved computer software/labor expenses ($69).

Worship Team: Approved Outdoor Worship w/Communion and Picnic at @ the Lisbon Park ($50 fee)

8/21 and Zach Young filling the pulpit on 8/7 (G.A. report / sermon).  Discussed potential Lisbon Ministerial Association joint worship downtown 9/18 during Johnny Appleseed Festival.

Property Team: Approved revised Grounds Keeper Job Description and reduced hours for Custodian.

Membership Team: Approved new format for scheduling after worship greeters.

Mission Team: Approved contribution of $100 for Summer Food Program (Lisbon FUMC),$1,000 to Beaver Creek Church Camp, and up to $400 as needed to cover School Supply donation.

Christian Education Team: Approved use of Feasting on the Word curriculum again for 2016-17.  Heard VBS was cancelled due to family conflicts, adult Sunday School is going well, and library upgrade is nearing completion.

STEWARD SHIPCOMMITTEE: Approved participation in the Route 30 Rummage Sale 8/11-13 with Marge Kampfer and Jan Steitz coordinating.  Heard The Addams Family Musical! Raised $1,360 for building fund.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Heard that attempts to schedule meeting have been unsuccessful thus far.

MEMORIAL FUND COMMITTEE: Heard that fellowship hall sound system works but requires more powerful mixer.  DC Sound quoted mixer and installation @ $449. A used mixer may be available.

PRESBYTERY: Heard report from Cindy and Robin including resignation of Interim GP, contract for Transitional GP, approval of M.I.F. and election of GP Nominating Committee; Approval of new Operations Manual; plan for use of JBM Camp sale proceeds; sale of Presbytery Office building; final worship service at New Waterford Presbyterian and sale of property.