Our Prayer List

Hold the following people prayerfully in your hearts:


PRAYER LIST: Joan Bates (Kandy Cleland’s mother), Julie & Shelby Cole (Ruth & Wendell’s daughter & granddaughter), Paul Wolf (Georgeanne’s husband), Jessica Garrod, Olivia Coontz, Shirley Ward, Amy StevensHelen Shivers, Gary Fonner, Kevin & AnnaLee Rose (Barb Cranmer’s son and granddaughter), Doris Evans, Marilyn Bergert, Dian Moore (Ruth and Wendell Cole’s friend), Rev. Richard Ferris, Donna Conkle, Susan T, Jenna, Jim Courtney, Marge Pahanish, Chris Genova (friend of John Ramsey), Jackie Metzgar (Terry Wood’s mother), Jean Blocksom, Lois Chandler, Jesse Jackson (Tammy Jackson’s husband), Larry Wonner, Teresa Gibson (friend of Sarah Dickey), Nicholas, Gregg Weber and the families of Bob Hart, Bill Bergert and John Reese .

Also please remember to pray for the Pastor Nominating Committee, our local congregations, Eastminster Presbytery and our Interim General Presbyter – Nancy Kahaian. (Please contact the church office with updates to our prayer list.)

Adult hands on a bible.